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Girl Goes to Barre...

Our July Barre Star is the lovely Amy Elza, she is as sweet as she is strong! We asked Amy to do a fun little summer blog adventure with us and she agreed! She works with the Montgomery County School System so we thought that summer was the perfect time to start our "Girl Goes to Barre" series with her! She is going to give you the real deal on barre and an inside look at what it takes to stick with it and feel great along the way! Here's a little about Amy...

"I am relatively new the Frederick area -- I moved to New Market about a year and a half ago with my husband, Kevin. I work as a school counselor in Montgomery County. I became interested in Barre about two years ago. I had a seen a friend's Facebook posts about Barre... and at the time and I had absolutely no idea what Barre even was. I did a little research and learned that Barre was great for individuals who need low impact exercise. That intrigued me, because a four years ago I suffered a knee injury, and since then have struggled finding something that didn't irritate my knee. Now all that said - I was still a little intimidated to try Barre because I am not a dancer by any means. I was enrolled in Ballet classes when I was five, and that's about the extent of my dancing experience (fortunately, I would soon learn that this didn't matter one bit at Barre East!). Well, fast forward a couple months -- and I found myself engaged, planning a wedding, and in a hurry to step up my fitness routine to get "wedding ready". I was looking for new things to try, and I came across Barre East. The studio offers a no-risk opportunity to try your first class for free, and I signed up. After one class, I was hooked! At the time I was also invested in another fitness routine, so I took a Barre class every few weeks just to switch it up. Every time I would come home from Barre I'd go on and on to Kevin how much I loved it, and how great I felt after each class. It was (and still is) the only work out that I don't have to force myself to do -- which is what led me to pursue a membership at the studio. I love coming to Barre East because the instructors and other members are so supportive. I feel like the instructors genuinely care about your life outside of Barre East. In my opinion you won't find that many other places. At Barre East there is no pressure to be perfect, but just to do what is comfortable for your body.... but to also push yourself just "one more inch!" I think this is what I was missing in all my other workout routines, which is what makes Barre such a great fit for me." - Amy Elza

You are a true BARRE STAR Amy, keep up the great work!

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