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As we wrap up another wonderful month at Barre East, we wanted to give you a chance to get to know our BARRE STAR for the month of June - the amazing Claudia Winkelman!

Here's a few questions we asked our June BARRE STAR...

What brought me to Barre East? I have a niece in Delaware that posts on Facebook her workouts at her Barre Studio so I googled Barre Studio in Frederick and voila Barre East popped up and the rest is history!

My favorite barre move? I would have to say first position, heels together to work those "cheeky bits" . :-)

My advice for beginners would be to adjust the routine so they are comfortable and enjoy the experience. Beginners should choose the smaller weights. It is suppose to be fun and you have lots of women there to support you.

Thanks for always smiling in class and working those cheeky bits Claudia!

Claudia is ready to work hard at the barre!

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