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Barre Star of the Month - May

To kick off our One Year Anniversary we announced our first ever "BARRE STAR" of the month! Every month we will highlight one of our amazing barre clients who is dedicated, hard working and an inspirational shining light to those around her in class!

Congratulations to our May BARRE STAR Ashley Goldsborough!

Let's get to know Ashley -

Why did you decide to try Barre East?-

My girls and I were talking about our winter blues and desire to be active in the winter. We talked about trying a few different things but were drawn to Barre East primarily because of the free trial of classes. Once class and we were hooked!

What's your favorite barre move?

- Favorite barre move- hard to pick a favorite. I could list several least favorites 😜. I would have to say that one of favorite moves at the barre is second position plié series or the flat back leg lift series.

Any advice for beginners?

-Don't be intimidated to try something new. The best part of the classes is that you can customize the intensity of the workout to your comfort level. And there is always room to push yourself further- "one more inch!!!"

Thanks for all of your hard work Ashley, keep it up!

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