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Why Barre East?


Get a full body workout that really works and transforms your whole body!


Why Barre?

These are results you can expect to see when you develop a barre habit:

  1. Fat Loss 

  2. Improved mood 

  3. Core Strength

  4. 4. Posture

  5. 5. Muscle Tone

What are you waiting you at the Barre!

Located at Everedy Square in Downtown Frederick, Maryland, Barre East  is a fusion of Ballet, Pilates, Strength Training, Cardio and Core designed to sculpt your body, burn fat and build endurance.  High-energy and dynamic, Barre fitness is fully expandable and adaptable to any fitness level. The possibilities are endless!

Our barre instructors are nationally certified and each instructor has extensive training in the Barre East method. 

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